Exclusive distributor of medical devices by Grena and Serres in Poland.

Yankauer Cannula

The offered products are used to blood and fluid collection during surgical operations.

  • Are provided as a cannula or with an attached tube
  • Can be attached to every standard connecting tube
  • All cannula are designed to achieve the highest efficiency and decrease tissue trauma
  • Ergonomic and well-balanced, which enhances work comfort and reduces hand fatigue
  • Wide range of endings, also a ball-shaped one
  • Sizes available from 10 to 32 Ch (Charrier' scale)
  • Applicable to spot-accurate and standard suction, as well as to suction of large quantities of fluids, which allows to prepare the correct size for a specific operation
  • An orthopaedic cannula with filter available that ensures the removal of all impurities, also bone fragments that does not block the cannula throughout a long orthopaedic procedures
  • Cannula are available with or without a suction control, which reduces the tissue damage
  • Available cannula with or without a decompression openings on the distal end of the cannula
  • Easy changable during the operation
  • Sterile