Beryl Med Ltd. - Medical Devices Distributor

Beryl Med Ltd. is a British company with many years' tradition, which is active on the international market of medical equipment.
We are successfully active as distributors of recognized producers' medical equipment since 1989 which is proof of the best quality of our products and services. We sell products throughout the Polish country and to international markets.

Our mission and overriding purpose is to take care of the patient's security and the comfort of the users through highest quality of our products, which we offer to our contractors. Therefore we work together only with the most recognized producers of medical equipment.

From the very start of our company we, as well our distributors actively take part in conferences and thematic fair.
Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience to always offer you professional help and fulfill your expectations.
While introducing products into our catalog, we always assure, that:

  • the products are signed with the CE sign and can be put into circulation in a legal and safe way on the EU territory
  • the products are the newest technology, are easy and safe to use.