Exclusive distributor of medical devices by Grena and Serres in Poland.

Customer's zone

Below you'll find information about our ordering procedure described step by step for your convenience.

1. Getting information about our products

To get complete information about chosen products and to get a price offer please contact:

  • Our sales specialists from your Trade region

Contact via e-mail, phone, fax is possible.

2. Placing an order
It is possible to place an order in the following ways:

In case you want to prepare the order on you own, please include the following information, so we can handle you request as fast as possible:

  • Product name
  • Catalogue number
  • Quantity
  • Ordering party information
  • Contact number
  • Delivery address
  • Your ordering number (in case your system generates one)
  • Agreement number (in case of customers with an agreement) or please write "according to the price offer (private order)"

3. Order handling

Our store house will send your order by Courier on working days (Monday - Friday).
If you are interested in getting an e-mail with the delivery number please provide your e-mail address in the contact data.

4. Payment

Please make the payment within the date specified on the invoice.

In matters of complaints or repairs, we ask our clients to contact their supervisor in order to determine a satisfactory service solution. After receiving your request, we will contact you within 14 days.