Suction system sets

We offer suction system sets, disposable bags and a wide range of connecting tubes and nozzles by Serres.
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Suction system

Closed suction system

Disposable suction bags

  • Capacity 1, 2 and 3l
  • Standard
  • Pre-gelled
  • Available in sets with attached suction tubes

Suction system components and accessories

  • Suction canisters, re-usable, capacity 1,2 and 3l with wide scale
  • Brackets to fasten canisters (to rails, walls, tables and beds)
  • Trolleys supplied with canister holders
  • Vacuum stop adapters
  • Canisters for rinsing and storing catheters
  • Specimen sets
  • Measuring cup
  • Tubing holders
  • Splash-vac for conveniently removing liquids from the floor

The offered suction system provides safety to the patients and medical staff, assures a hygienic utilization of liquids. New technology combined with easy operation guarantee comfortable usage.