RingProtect™ Wound Protector

RingProtect™ Disposable Retractor is a great solution designed to retract surgical wound during surgery what exposes internal organs for operation and helps protect the wound site from bacterial contaminations or tumor cells implantation what provides substantial cost savings.

Circumferential elastic retraction maximizes the working area for better visualization and increased exposure.

RingProtect™ Disposable Retractor is perfect choice for all abdominal procedures as well as f or thoracic and cardiac ones. 

Seamless and hassle-free conversion process when switching from competitive products to Grena® RingProtect™ Disposable Retractor, as no clinical technique changes are required.

We offer adjustable and non-adjustable models of RingProtectTM  Disposable Retractors in different sizes.

Manufacturer: Grena®

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