We offer biopsy and Veress' needles as well as sets complete with biopsy guns by Grena, Medax.

Biopsy needles

Disposable needles

  • For soft tissue biopsy - cooperate with the following multiply use guns: Medgun, Medcore, Nextage, Promag 2.2, Bard Biopty, Gallini ABS, InterV, PromagUltra, Bard Magnum

Half-automatic needles

  • For soft tissue biopsy with an adjustable or fixed cutting lenght

Trepanobiopsy needles

  • Traditional,
  • With bone clipper

Sternum puncture needles

  • With adjustable blade length and a butterfly grip

Liver biopsy sets and needles (Menghini method)

Skin biopsy needles

Needles for locating unfelt morbid breast changes

  • Single and double hook

Fine-needle aspiration needles

  • Westcott and Franseen needle types can also be used during a cytology diagnostic procedure

Biopsy guns

Biopsy guns

  • Reusable for biopsy
  • We offer a wide range of disposable needle sizes that are used to take a specimen of 15 and 22 mm

Automatic needles (guns)

  • Disposable, for soft tissue biopsy
  • Fully automatic system for histological biopsy of soft tissue that lets the user take a 22 mm specimen, as well as a 15 mm and 22 mm one.

Veress Needles

Verees needles are intended for:

  • Percutaneous insertion into the peritoneal cavity for insufflation with carbon dioxide to establish pneumoperitoneum prior to placement of trocars during laparoscopic procedures
  • Used also for diagnostic or therapeutic paracentesis and thoracentesis
  • The stainless steel needle is attached at its proximal end to a plastic handle
  • Available in two lengths (12 cm and 15 cm)
  • Single-use only, sterile
  • Provided with a faucet and luer-lock connector